Porto meeting

HeritageCARE partners gathered in Portugal to weigh up the advancement of the project.

Hosted by the Regional Direction of Northern Culture, the fifth meeting of the HeritageCARE project was held in Porto, within the charming Casa de Allen. All beneficiary partners actively participated to this event, which marked the beginning of the 3rd and last year of the project.

The two-day reunion was extremely important to refresh and summarize the project activities carried out up to the moment as well as to define an appropriate plan to embrace the forthcoming tasks, including the organization of dissemination events at national level to increase public awareness and spread the HeritageCARE methodology.

Great advancements were made in regard to the integration and management of information through digital replicas of historic buildings in order to offer users the possibility to virtually navigate across their heritage and access all relevant information. The meeting was also enriched with the visits to the “Serra do Pilar” Monastery and Casa de Allen.

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