The HeritageCARE project - Monitoring and preventive conservation of historical and cultural heritage is part of the Interreg-SUDOE program and aims at implementing a system for the monitoring and preventive conservation of heritage with historical and cultural value in South-West Europe.

The scope is to develop and implement an integrated and sustainable monitoring strategy by operating through a non-profit entity that will periodically inspect buildings, recommending owners with regard to good conservation practices in order to avoid additional costs over time. Led by the University of Minho, this three-year project involves eight beneficiary partners and eleven associated partners.

The HeritageCARE project is Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with (Euro) 1.264.712,11 €, within the Interreg-SUDOE program. The total financial commitment is equal to (Euro) 1.686.282,82 €.